7 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Destination Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress is a big decision, let alone picking a destination wedding dress. You’re thinking about the weather (good and bad), your ceremony location (beach? gazebo? chapel?), and your wedding vibe (shoes or no shoes?). We get it. It’s a lot to consider, so we’re here to help. One of our own Weddings by Funjet concierges recently went through this decision-making process and she’s put together seven key steps to help you find the right dress for your big day. And, for added inspiration, we’ve sprinkled in a few destination-friendly dress examples.

1. Stick to your budget.
Some of us have been picturing our dream wedding dresses since we were little and would do anything to make that dream a reality. But it’s important to consider and stick to your budget when searching for your dream gown. There are beautiful options available in every price point. Sometimes it simply takes a little patience when you’re searching. It also helps to talk with your family and fiancé about your dress plans so everyone can be on the same page and help you find what you’re looking for without overspending.

Concierge Tip: By saving on the dress, you can splurge on other things like your dream destination wedding photographer.

Designer: Nicole Miller

2. Ask for advice.
Your mother, mother-in-law, sister(s) and best friends are going to give you the most honest and valuable feedback. It’s helpful to bring a few of the ladies closest to you along when you’re browsing so you can get diversified opinions when you may need them.

Concierge Tip: Keep the guest list limited for your appointments so you can enjoy the experience without feeling like there are too many opinions in the room.

Designer: Maggie Sottero

3. Know your body type.
Your wedding dress should make you feel beautiful and special on this important day. To feel your most confident, consider some of these helpful body type insights below. But no matter what, remember that if you feel beautiful in the dress – it’s perfect for your body.

  • Petite: Avoid overwhelming your small frame with too much material by looking for styles that create the illusion of a long torso. For example, if you want the princess look without the volume of a ball gown, a fit-and-flare may be the option for you.
  • Plus-sized: Try dresses with high or scoop necklines that allow you to choose under garments with extra support. Embellishments throughout the dress, like ruching or asymmetrical pleating, draw the eye to the center of the dress and take attention away from any areas where you may not feel as comfortable
  • Busty: To accentuate or not to accentuate? That is the question. If you decide to accentuate, find a dress with a dipped neckline or detailed sequins which complement your figure. Prefer a dress that is a bit less revealing? Look for straight-across or slight sweetheart necklines to flatter your bust line without drawing additional attention. Consider an A-line gown to help balance your figure and create an hourglass look.
  • Broad-shouldered: Stick to gowns with volume at the lower half to create balance with your shoulders. Stay away from cap sleeves or off-the-shoulder gowns which only enhance your shoulder width.
  • Lean and tall: On behalf of every bride who dreams of wearing a classic, ballet-inspired, princess gown, we salute you. Take advantage of your ability to flaunt it. A sleek column or sheath dress will emphasize your lithe figure.
  • Hourglass figure: Mermaid style gowns will complement you well, and any gown with a tight waistline will be phenomenal on your figure.

Designer: Alfred Angelo

4. Explore different fabrics (and colors).
With so many options to choose from, narrowing your fabric and color preferences ahead of time will make the overwhelming variety, seem, well, less overwhelming. Colors come in all sorts of shades, so don’t hesitate to try on a dress even if it calls itself champagne and you’re looking for ivory. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a perfect rose gold to flatter your features.

Concierge Tip: Think lightweight and easy-to-travel with fabrics like soft lace, chiffon, organza, or tulle. Delicate satins and silk are gorgeous but wrinkle easily, so make sure you have a game plan in place for having your dress steamed or ironed once you’ve arrived in paradise if you consider these types of fabrics a must-have. (Of course, we can help with that.)

Designer: Julie Vino

5. Consider your venue and the weather.
Will you be married in a gazebo or standing in the sand overlooking the ocean? In a church or in a garden? Take your surroundings into consideration when choosing the length and style of your dress. Tropical destinations can be quite humid depending on the season, so while a very flowy dress is beautiful, you don’t want to blow away with a strong gust of wind. A beautifully structured silk gown is stunning, but it may feel heavy and sticky by the end of your special day (if it’s particularly humid).

Designer: Anna Campbell

6. Factor in alterations and bridal accessories.
Unless you’re one of the lucky few, your dream dress will need to be altered for a perfect fit. These costs vary, but it’s important to factor them into your budget. A friendly reminder to your wedding dress associate may help everyone keep this in mind when looking for your dress. And remember to consider the whole picture – including your shoes, veil, jewelry, hair, and makeup.

Designer: Monique Lhullilier

7. Sleep on it.
Give yourself at least one night’s rest before you commit to the dress; excitement can sometimes cloud even the best judgement. And just like choosing your partner once you’ve decided on the dress, stop looking!

Brittany is a Weddings by Funjet concierge, who’s currently planning her own wedding! She likes to think of herself as a “bride-chilla,” an expert in managing wedding planning stress. Email her and ask her how she does it or visit WeddingsbyFunjet.com.

This post was written by Weddings by Funjet

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