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Anxious about being bombarded over the holidays with endless destination wedding questions from family and friends? Planning a wedding in entirely different country can be intimidating in the beginning stages for you and your guests. Naturally they want to know the who, what, when, where and how’s as soon as you confirm that palm trees, ocean waves and a tropical breeze are involved with the I do’s. We put together a frequently asked (and almost unavoidable) question guide to reference in order to help you give your guests the inside scoop like a pro.

Q: Why did you choose to have a destination wedding?

A: We hate to break it to you, but this question is inevitable. Having a destination wedding can still be considered a taboo topic for many traditionalists (we’re lookin’ at you Uncle Jim). Our suggestion is to handle this question by explaining that your wedding day is about the two of you and the love and values that you share with grace and a smile. Simply reminding friends and family this can give them a sense of understanding, and put the spotlight on you as a couple vs. their traditional views.

Q: Who’s invited?

A: Destination weddings are an exciting opportunity for guests to take a vacation, romantic getaway, or even a solo trip. Although you may not be able to think of one good reason why your closest family and friends might not make it, it’s important to realize that the guest list can greatly influence other guests decision as to whether or not to attend. There are several options for how to let guests know who else intends on travelling, and one of the best ways is to create a master list to share with others. Better yet, create a Facebook group for invited guests to post. This will save you time in the long run by using the same forum to schedule dinners, excursions, or day outings.

Concierge Tip: Remember that if you do create a group or forum on a social media platform, app, or website, it’s still important to send an official invitation to your guests to provide them a sense of formality and importance.

Q: Do you have rooms reserved?

A: If you have established a room block, make sure you give guests all the details: how many rooms, room categories available, travel dates, and the special rates for the average length of stay you believe guests will book. Here is an example below to include on your wedding website:

We have (number of rooms) reserved at (hotel) from (earliest – latest departure date) at a special rate. Please see below example pricing for two adults staying in a (room category) from (travel dates): provide an example for all of your guests to see. 

Q: How and where should I book?

A: Weddings by Funjet takes pride in the ability to make booking easy for guests looking to travel. Encourage your guests to book through the wedding group’s arranged travel and accommodations. Explain that by booking through the group, guests are able to make reservations similar to other people traveling, utilize our during travel Custom Care representatives, receive insider tips from your accommodation specialists, and most importantly, help you keep track of guest’s reservations to make wedding planning a breeze.

To further simplify this process for your guests, outline the ways they can book their travel:

  1. Weddings by Funjet custom event pages allow guests to make their reservation directly online anytime, from anywhere. They will need to create an account to set up a payment plan, and to submit their final payment directly online.
  2. Weddings by Funjet groups are assigned a personal accommodations specialist who will assist with anything from transfer recommendations to making travel reservations for guests that may not feel confident in booking online. The accommodations team is available Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central Standard Time via phone or email.

Q: When should I book my reservation?

A: We encourage you to make your reservation first, and as soon as possible. Having your travel booked right away gets the buzz of excitement going and will influence your guests to make their reservations, too! Since destination weddings require more advanced planning for accommodations in comparison to weddings hosted stateside, send out save the dates or invitations early in advance. Remind them that in order to book their hotel stay, they simply need to put down a deposit and can make the remaining payments in increments leading up to the final payment date (airline deposits and payment schedules will vary).

Q: What if I want to stay at a different resort or have timeshare elsewhere?

A: It’s understandable that the voyage to destination is also a vacation for guests as well and everyone has their preferences. We highly suggest advising your guests that by staying off of the resort, they will risk not having the same conveniences and experiences as everyone else. Highlighting how much you appreciate having them around for wedding activities throughout the week might help reel them in, as well.

Q: What if I find a cheaper price?

A: Weddings by Funjet offers competitive price matching, and takes all external offers into consideration. If this situation should arise, we will need a full screen shot including the date of the pricing and offerings sent to the accommodation specialist for the wedding group. Ultimately, it’s very important to book through the group to be ensured that your reservation is 100% guaranteed and backed by our ability to provide high level customer service if needed at any time during travel.

Q: When do I need to be paid in full?

A: Generally, most reservations need to be paid in full 60 days before departure. Payment for certain airfare does need to be paid in full at the time of the reservation. Encourage guests to contact your personal accommodations specialist to receive more information on current flight availability, costs, and payment schedules.

Q: Can I book airfare separately and only the hotel stay through Weddings by Funjet?

A: The answer is yes. Airfare can be booked through the custom event page or by calling your personal accommodations specialist. Airfare bookings can be made at the same time as the hotel reservation, or if guests are waiting for a specific airline to release flights, at a later time. You are certainly able to book your airfare separately and only book the hotel through the group if you choose. We typically suggest booking air at the same time as your hotel stay to be able to obtain discounted package rates, have the ability to be on the same flight as other guests, and to utilize our customer service during travel if need be.

Q: Where can I find more information about the resort?

A: Weddings by Funjet strives to be a leader in providing the best technology and booking process to our groups, and we encourage guests to check out the custom event page built exclusively for your wedding group and provides the ability to learn more about the resort and destination. Most importantly, the custom event page also allows guests to book their travel online at their convenience. Another great way to have guests learn more about the resort is to check out WeddingsbyFunjet.com to get more exclusive details about the hotel and insider looks at the destination. To get your guests really amped up for your destination wedding, have guests follow Weddings by Funjet on Facebook and Instagram to become inspired and learn all about making the most of an in destination experience.

Q: What categories are others booked in?

A: Again, we suggest creating a forum or group for guests to communicate within and for you to share important updates in. As the wedding couple, having an up to date knowledge on basic guest arrangements can really help to form a decision for others who still have to book their reservation. For example, if most people are staying in an Ocean View Suite, chances are, guests who still need to book would also like to stay in a similar category to be near each other.

Q: When should I request my passport?

A: For guests that are unfamiliar with traveling outside of the United States, provide them with the most up to date information regarding passports and required travel documentation. Typically, processing a new passport takes up to a couple of months, but also depends on the time of  year as well. The best suggestion you can give to guests is for them to look into completing this task as soon as possible. Let them know that they can get all of the most up to date information at travel.state.gov.

Q: Should I bring a wedding gift?

A: Ultimately, this is up to you as the wedding couple to decide. If you are interested in a gift registry, here are some helpful tips: Our suggestion for a seamless travel experience is to inform guests that any gifts should be sent directly to your address to avoid having to worry about traveling with them out of the country. We understand that the topic of gift giving can be a difficult to discuss with guests, so our suggestion is to be sure to include a statement on your wedding website or to have friends and family spread the word to disclose your wishes in regards to this. Oftentimes, we see couples include a phrase such as “The best gift to give is a memorable and enjoyable experience in destination to celebrate our love!” or “The couple is registered at XXX & XXX. To make traveling easier, please have any gifts shipped to this address: XXX.”

Q: Are you registered?

A: Give your guests a heads up on where you’re registered before the wedding day by sharing it on your wedding website or asking friends and family to spread the word.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: There are several ways this question can be answered.

  1. If your wedding is to be held at an adult’s only resort, this makes answering the question of children very easy and offers a way to avoid any hurt feelings. Simply remind your guests that you are looking to have your wedding celebration be a time for all couples and adults to kick back, relax, and celebrate (kids free)!
  2. If you have chosen to have your wedding at a family friendly resort in order to allow families to join and celebrate together, be sure to let guests know that the resort is family friendly and that accommodations for children are available.
  3. If you would not like to have children in attendance, but have chosen to have your wedding at a family friendly resort, our suggestion is to let guests know at the very beginning to avoid confusion. Be sure to include this kind request on invitations, wedding websites, and save the dates. Our suggestion for phrasing: “Our wedding celebration will be for adults only and held at ______ in the beautiful destination of ____. Pack your bags and get ready for some R&R and all-inclusive fun, we look forward to celebrating with you!”

Q: Can I bring a plus one?

A: Even more so than a stateside wedding, having the ability to bring a date to the wedding can be a very important factor in to whether or not a guest decides to attend. Although it’s ultimately up to you as the bride-to-be, our suggestion is to welcome guests to bring a plus one so  they can have an enjoyable experience throughout their entire stay. Practically all destinations offer a heightened sense of romance, and if a guest is willing to travel for your wedding celebration, it would be a kind gesture to allow guests the chance to soak that romance up.

Wedding Planning Tip: Create multiple guest lists in the beginning of the planning. We know that the number of attendees is what can really influence the final total of the wedding cost. Compare the cost of having “plus ones” and not having them to help make your final decision.

Q: When are you travelling?

A: Generally, most guests do not stay much longer than the couple, however, many guests will make a vacation out of their stay. Letting your guests know your travel plans can help them be better prepared when booking their arrangements. If you are looking for some alone time, be sure to let guests know when your official “honeymoon” begins.

Q: Will dietary restrictions be taken into consideration at the resort and wedding festivities (rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour and reception)?

A: Absolutely! Weddings by Funjet is proud to work with hotel partners that do a fantastic job of going above and beyond to accommodate dietary needs. If guests have dietary restrictions, kindly ask that they let you know as soon as possible. These important details will help when it comes to wedding planning and any other event planning with the resort. To take it a step further, guests should make a note of their restrictions when they check into the resort. Often times, the resort appreciates having the ability to go above and beyond for guests in any way they can.

Q: Where are the local hot spots outside of the resort?

A: Provide a map of the surrounding areas of the hotel that are worth checking out and highlight hot spots you personally recommend. One of the perks of working with a Weddings by Funjet is that we have all the best recommendations for destinations throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, and speak from first hand experiences!

Q: What’s the dress code?

A: We have seen a new trend throughout 2016 with couples asking their guests to dress in one color to create more formality for a beach ceremony and reception, since guests can often dress a bit too casual for destination weddings. If you decide to have a themed wedding or a request for one color only – let guests know as soon as possible.

Q: What are the plans leading up to the wedding day?

A: Let guests know what the plans are so they can book their travel dates accordingly, from the welcome cocktail to post-wedding brunch. Surprising guests with a jam-packed itinerary upon arrival to the hotel is not always the best way to get all of your guests on board.

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