Meet Your Concierge: Katie Brierton

What makes Weddings by Funjet special? Our team! Every month we will introduce a new member of our team for you to get to know us a little better.

What is your favorite thing about working for Weddings by Funjet?

I love that our company goes above and beyond for our couples. The best feeling is when our couples become return customers and book their vacations with our parent company, Funjet Vacations, after their wedding because of how well they were taken care of.

What led you to become a wedding concierge?

By accident! I worked for a well-known motorcycle company before transitioning to weddings, bikers to brides. I loved the thought of combining my passion for travel and weddings together as a career.

Where is your dream vacation spot?

Ireland and Greece.

Which celebrities do you wish to have dinner with?

Justin Timberlake and Aaron Rodgers.

What is your top destination wedding must-have for all of our couples out there?

Incorporate a favor, a song, a decoration, a flower, or a cultural tradition of the destination into your wedding day! Teach your guests a thing or two about the country while they’re vacationing with you.

What is your favorite time of year, and why?

Summer, I love the warm weather! I enjoy going boating with family and friends, taking my dogs to the dog park, and having cookouts with good friends and drinks.

When you go to a coffee shop you are most likely to order…

Hot chocolate (I’ve never drank coffee).

Tell us about your family and/or fur babies.

My parents have two labradoodles, and I have a younger sister whom I live vicariously through.

Favorite sports teams?

Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers, and the Alabama Crimson Tide!

When is your birthday?
September 25th.

What is your secret hidden talent?

I know how to tear up a dance floor!

Favorite movies?

Step Brothers, PS I love you, and Bridesmaids.

What is your best travel memory?

I went to my cousin’s wedding in Mallorca Spain. Their reception was held in a breathtaking vineyard on top of a bluff overlooking many acres of land. What really stood out is when my Uncle mentioned in his speech that there were guests from an estimated 12 countries in attendance at my cousin’s wedding. It was such an amazing opportunity to meet so many different people. I will never forget that feeling of looking around the venue and seeing so many nationalities brought together to celebrate a new love.

If could choose my last meal to eat, it would be…

Thanksgiving dinner!

When I was a child, I wanted to grow up to be…

A cashier.

The most rewarding thing about planning a wedding is…

Looking through the pictures of the happy couple after the wedding.

Where did you go to college and what was your major?

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Alverno College.

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Katie is a Weddings by Funjet Concierge whose love for weddings and travel matches her passion for getting to know her couples. By knowing her couples, she can help create a personalized wedding experience. Visit to find out how Katie can create a wedding that’s all about you!

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