7 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

1. Call your closest family and friends
Take a step back from social media – and face it – your closest loved ones don’t want to hear about the big news online. Pick up the phone to tell your besties all about the proposal, not via a “ring selfie” on Facebook or Instagram. After family and close friends have been informed then it’s perfectly acceptable to hop on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to announce the exciting news to everyone else!

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2. Get a manicure
It may not always be practical for you to have your nails in tip top shape 24/7, but remember that everyone will be asking to see your new ring. Swing by your local salon and treat yourself to a well-deserved mani, you are on the road to becoming a Mrs. after all! Do it now, thank us later after you see all of the photos of the ring you’re about to take.

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3. Pick a season and location
We understand this is the hardest decision to make in the wedding planning process, however this will certainly be the first question everyone will be inclined to ask you. By narrowing down the time of year, it will make for an easier way to answer the question of “So, when is the wedding going to be?” The next decision will be to decide if your wedding should be hosted close to home or at an international destination. Talk with your fiance and make a list of factors that hold the most importance for your dream wedding, this will be a great way to navigate your decision of stateside or away.

Concierge Tip: 75% of all weddings take place between May and October, with June and September as the most popular months.

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4. Budget and save
Discuss your budget honestly and openly with your fiance, and whoever may be contributing to the wedding. The number of guests you invite could determine the budget, or vice versa. Typically the location and time of year are contributing factors as well. Create a savings plan for you both to follow in order to accomplish your wedding fiance goals, and keep in mind that vendors have different payment options and due dates that may impact your budgeting plan.

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5. Craft your engagement story and be prepared for advice
You will undoubtedly have to tell this story hundreds of times. Regardless of how many times you are asked, remember to answer with grace. One way we suggest going about answering this frequent question is by crafting a short and sweet version of the proposal. Remember that the proposal is a private and intimate moment, and not everyone needs to know every detail. Just as often as you are asked about the proposal, you will also be given advice, especially by family members or recently married brides. Start practicing to always put you and your fiance’s happiness first (this will come in handy throughout planning), show gratitude for the advice, and stay true to your heart.

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6. Insure the ring
Often times, this is something that slips the minds of most couples. After all, the excitement of a wedding and a proposal you have been dreaming up since you were little is enough to keep your mind busy. As your newest most cherished piece of jewelry, it should be a top priority to protect it. We’ve all heard the horror stories of rings falling in nearly any space possible, and you don’t want to be that person. Start by getting your ring appraised, the appraisal will give you a good idea as to what insurance will cost annually. Generally, insuring a ring will cost 1-2% of the total value of the ring.

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7. You have (and are) a fiancé now!
Breathe, smile, and cherish the moment. The excitement of planning a wedding can become overwhelming quickly (that’s where the expertise of a wedding planner benefits you!) so be sure to give yourself time to reflect. Share the exciting news with your friends, stare at that gorgeous new ring, and revel in this happy time with your future hubby!

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This post was written by Bryon Schmear

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