Destination Wedding Packing Tips

Packing for your destination wedding can bring you feelings of excitement and anticipation. However, it can also come armed with overwhelming feelings of stress and confusion. Have no fear because the Weddings by Funjet team has you covered. For a stress free and enjoyable packing experience, we suggest you pour yourself a glass of ambition and review our packing tips before unzipping your suitcase. By the end, you will be a packing pro and totally ready to hit the road for the airport!

Save Weight, Save Space


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Save weight by leaving your big toiletries at home. Don’t bring an entire bottle of shampoo, you’re not moving in. Instead, invest in a set of refillable travel bottles, or better yet, indulge in the toiletries that the resort provides in each room.

Concierge Tip: If you plan on packing your travel bottles on your carry-on luggage, be sure to review the TSA Guidelines so that you are 100% prepared when going through airport security checkpoints.

Invest in a hard case luggage set. The hard case prevents items from getting wet if exposed to the rain, and they also keep items more protected when the luggage gets tossed around. Best of all, most hard case luggage sets are built to be lightweight, allowing you to pack more outfit choices! This set of 3 is on Amazon for just $119 with 11 different colors to choose from, and a two year warranty included. Also remember, luggage makes for a great registry item too!

Bring plenty of extra zip-lock plastic baggies. These will help you store liquids and prevent spills. They also work great for easy organization too!

Pack your carryon bag with the worst case scenario in mind, and have a backup outfit and all must haves on hand in case any luggage gets lost!

Bring along an empty reusable water bottle for your travel, this will also come in hand while at the resort too (extra-large margaritas anyone?). Be sure that the bottle is empty before you pass through security. Fill it up at the terminal and save rather than buying a bottle of water. Save extra space in your carry-on by attaching the bottle to the outside and let it hang. Need some inspiration? Check out one of our favorites by Bobble.

Use your shoes as a resource, and put items inside your shoes when packing your bag. Not enough room? Either wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane, or tie shoes to the outside of your carry-on bag.

Destination Wedding Attire & Accessories


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Be prepared for all weather conditions, pack versatile outfits and think layers! The Caribbean breeze can sometimes get chilly at night once the sun goes down. Also keep in mind that if you’ve been soaking up the sun all day long, the air conditioning in the restaurant or hotel room will feel really cold! Having outfits with layers will help combat this.

Chances are you will be spending plenty of time by the beach or at the pool. Remember to bring a beach bag that you are willing to get sand in and one that carries plenty of items so you don’t have to run back to your room for any reason while getting your tan on.

Don’t forget to bring an amazing and fun selection of lingerie for the wedding night and honeymoon. The more options, the better!

Invest in a waterproof case for your phone. Not only will it protect it from water, but it will also come in handy when laying on the beach or exploring on an excursion! Be sure that it has a lanyard or some sort of necklace attached for easy use. Extra room to hold room keys and your ID is also a great idea.

Keep clothing clean by wrapping a shower cap around the bottom of your shoes. No shower cap handy? Think green and re-use a plastic bag.

Be sure that you have all the necessary bits, pieces, and accessories by laying out all of your outfits and jewelry on a table or bed before packing away in your suitcase.

Double check that you have something for every occasion – especially shoes! Break in all shoes before you go on vacation to avoid unwanted blisters. Bring appropriate footwear for casual and formal gatherings, and don’t forget to have the perfect shoes that will allow you to explore for an excursion. Keep in mind that the Caribbean heat will make your feet expand a little, so heels aren’t going to be a girl’s best friend at all times.

Bridal Beauty Must-Haves


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Keep in mind that the climate in destination is likely to be much different from what you are used to at home. Be sure to bring along your best hair products to tame any frizz and fight off humidity.

Don’t forget to invest in a brand new perfume before the wedding! Bring it with you, and wear it for the first time on your wedding day. The scent will stay in your spouse’s memory and connect the excitement of the wedding day to the perfume each time you wear it. The scent will also overwhelm you with nostalgia from your wedding nuptials! Trust us now, and thank us later.

Who wouldn’t want soft and silky skin and lips on their wedding day? Bring everything you’ll need to exfoliate, moisturize, prime and color. your wedding day! Better yet, these products will come in handy after the wedding day for your honeymoon to keep that beach body on point.

Hair accessories are every girl’s BFF in destination. Pack plenty of hair ties, bobby pins, combs, headbands, and hair accessories for the perfect quick up-do on humid days.

Many brides schedule their salon and spa appointments at home before departure so they aren’t stuck getting their manicure and pedicure done at the hotel instead of enjoying their friends and family at the pool. If you decide to take the same route, think ahead and bring an extra bottle of the same nail polish to do a quick repair in case of any unexpected nail emergencies.

Within your regular toiletries, be sure to have a small wedding day emergency kit that includes safety pins, tums, bobby pins, a mini scissors, fashion tape, and lavender (or your favorite) essential oil to serve as a natural stress reliever in the days leading up to the big day.

Destination Wedding Items


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Be sure to have your wedding dress as a carry on item. Luckily, most airlines have storage closets to hang up your dress in order to keep it in the best condition possible. Flight attendants are accommodating and courteous if they don’t have room in their storage closet, and will help you lay your dress in the overhead cabin above the luggage as a plan B. We generally never suggest having your wedding dress be in check luggage (what’s a wedding without a wedding dress?).

Planning to bring the pieces for your welcome bags instead of shipping them ahead of time? Customs can sometimes mistake wedding favors and gifts as merchandise you plan to sell. Ask your bride tribe to spread the gifts out among them to avoid this becoming a problem.

Concierge Tip: Since you won’t be traveling home with the welcome bag gifts, you will now have extra room to store your wedding dress in a suitcase so you don’t have to use it as a carry on item on your way home!

Paper goods galore: dinner menus, programs, table numbers, and escort cards. Keep these items protected during travel by wrapping them in plastic bags. When it comes time to pack your bag for the flight home, reuse the plastic bags to organize your dirty clothes!

Be sure to keep your wedding rings with you in your carry-on items. Do not, under any circumstance, pack these in checked luggage. To keep things organized, store your wedding rings in the same area as your legal marriage documents so that you can be reassured that everything is accounted for and in the same place.

Destination Wedding Documents


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Whether you are having a symbolic or civil/legal wedding, be sure that all documents and legal paperwork are with you in your personal item.

You (and all guests) should be sure to have all itineraries printed off prior to travel. To avoid any mishaps, we recommend printing all flight, transfer, hotel, and excursion confirmations and itineraries with you. Keep a few pens with these documents – you’ll need them to fill out your immigration forms on the plane!

Always have your passport and plane tickets handy while venturing around the airport. Having them ready to go will get you through the security line faster. For a sophisticated yet organized look, check out Hello Wander’s Versatile Travel Wallet.

Bring paper copies of all vendor contracts and contact information. You never know when unexpected things can happen, its best to be prepared! Ask your Weddings by Funjet Concierge to gather this information for you, then print it off and have it in a folder ready to go.

Pack your insurance and prescription cards. Better safe than sorry!

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