Trash the Dress at This Salt Water Cove in Puerto Vallarta

Are you ready to turn up the heat for your prince charming? The hot destination wedding trend to Trash the Dress after the wedding has taken off since Las Vegas Photographer, John Michael Cooper, challenged traditional bridal photography back in 2001. What happened to saving the dress to pass on, or to keep as a sacred memento until death do us part? There are several theories to consider with this debate. To women around the world, the bridal gown is seen as the most important detail of wedding planning, we struggle to find the perfect dress, spend a small fortune on it, and typically only wear it once.

The question still stands, who has the heart to treat Oscar de la Renta or Hayley Paige this way? Fearless, sexy brides that are into super cool trends, and would rather have the experience of a lifetime than keep the most beautiful dress they most likely will never wear again perfectly tucked away in a box. We aren’t telling you to pull a Meg Cummings from Sunset Beach, throw a tantrum, and throw yourself into the ocean. Instead we’ll share with you the ultimate spot to shoot a Trash the Dress session, real time photography from our all-time favorite photographer on the West Coast of Mexico, and reasons why to schedule your session before you have the chance to second guess yourself.

1. Trashing the dress is a creative movement.

Bored with the same old wedding photos like John Michael Cooper was back in the early 2000’s? Channel your inner wild child, and get creative about the setting and dramatic with the aesthetics of your TTD session. Do you want to blaze your dress on fire in the orange hues of the Mexican sunset? Cover yourself in sand with a romantic walk along the beach and dash in the waves? If you asked us, we’d be surrounded with the beauty of the Sierra Madre Mountains and the privacy of Grand Palladium Vallarta’s salt water man cove for the most romantic, tropical enchantment.

{ Photo captured by Diana Flores at Grand Palladium Vallarta }

2. Trashing the dress is liberating.

You’ve made it through making all of the decisions throughout the wedding planning, married the love of your life, and are now pronounced husband and wife. Based on WeddingWire’s 2017 NewlyWed Report, 63% of brides say they feel pressured to have the “perfect wedding” with main pressure points of impressing guests, having picture perfect photos, living up to ideals set forth on Pinterest, and making parents and other financial contributors happy. This is a lot of stress to carry! Let that weight fall right off your shoulders the day after the wedding and loosen up a bit, wrap up your destination wedding with the liberation of doing something fun and exciting as newlyweds.

{ Photo captured by Diana Flores at Grand Palladium Vallarta }

3. The dress doesn’t have to be (completely) trashed.

If you decide to have a TTD session, you’ll have the chance to talk with your photographer on how down and dirty you actually want to get. Should you decide to keep it more low key, find a professional wedding dress cleaning service that will polish it right up before you get it preserved.

{ Photo captured by Diana Flores }

4. Trashing the dress is an experience as a couple.

You will have a completely different feeling getting into your wedding dress after the wedding, and so will he. Getting the chance to wear your wedding day attire and spice up your wedding photography will be an experience you will remember together forever. Better yet, at hotels like Grand Palladium Vallarta, you won’t even have to leave the resort to find a tranquil, scenic space for your TTD session.

{ Photo captured by Diana Flores }

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