Must-Have for Your Wedding Website

Must-Haves for Your Destination Wedding Website

Wedding websites are meant to inspire your guests, set expectations, and most importantly inform your guests. While the possibilities of how to create a website and what to include are endless, we put together the best things to include on your wedding website. No matter how organized or elaborate your invitations may be, there is never enough room to put all of the information you so badly want your guests to read. Today, technology is at everyone’s fingertips and it’s easier to access information now more than ever before. Your wedding website will eventually be the event go-to for your destination wedding guests. Keep reading for a helpful breakdown of what should be included on your destination wedding website.

About Us

Every couple doesn’t exactly love the idea of publicly gushing over their fairy tale story of how they met, why they love each other or how the proposal went. Here’s a friendly reminder that your guests will likely bring other guests who may not know both the bride and groom equally as well. Oftentimes, extended family members and other guests truly enjoy reading “About Us” sections so that they get to know more about the person their loved one is marrying. Here are a few pointers of things you can include to keep your love story accurate, romantic, and to the point.

  1. Share a summary of your love story or share with guests what your favorite hobbies are together in your free time.
  2. Photos of the two of you that tell your story.
  3. Wedding party details: Who’s in it? Include a brief description and fun picture!
  4. Have a wedding #hashtag? Be sure to mention this here, and include a link to the hashtag Instagram feed.

Must-Have for Your Wedding Website

Wedding Week Events

While wedding week events may change as time goes on, keep guests updated the best you can. Based on our experience in booking travel reservations, guests will strategically plan their travel around what other things may be going on during your wedding week. Include a clean, and easy to understand list of different events or activities you want all guests to feel welcome attending. Be sure to not include any exclusive events such as bachelor parties or rehearsal dinners in which a limited number of guests are invited, privately share these events with only those who are invited. Here is a list of activities or events that may be helpful to share on your wedding website. Don’t forget to include the date, time, and location.

  1. Welcome Party or Cocktail Hour
  2. Rehearsal Dinner
  3. Group Excursion
  4. Wedding Ceremony, Cocktail, or Reception
  5. Farewell Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner

Must-Haves for Your Wedding Website

Travel + Accommodations

Perhaps the most vital part to your wedding website, this page will be critical in answering some of guests most frequently asked questions regarding the basics of where and when, along with “how much”. Although this page is likely to be information heavy, here are our suggestions for what to include to inform your guests.

  1. Information about the resort, location, amenities included, family friendly vs. adults only, etc.
  2. Include important book by dates guests should be aware of, and the URL to your custom booking engine created by Weddings by Funjet.
  3. Did you sign a contract for special, discounted airfare for your group? If so, include the travel dates they are available and the rest of the details here.
  4. Will there be a private group transfer, or should guests book transportation on their individual travel reservations? Include details here.
  5. Believe it or not, you will get questions about how, when, and where to obtain or renew Passports. Save yourself the trouble and provide this link.
  6. Crank up the excitement for your guests by highlighting special excursions, fun facts about the local culture, towns to visit nearby, and a reminder to contact a Weddings by Funjet Accommodations Specialist to assist with the arrangements.

Must-Have for Your Wedding Website

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions that are asked regarding a destination wedding are truly endless. Most couples are amazed at the unique, fun, and classic questions that excited guests have. We suggest including an entire page on your wedding website to review frequently asked questions guests may have. Here is a list of topics that typically come up throughout the travel planning process.

  1. Weather specific to the destination and time of year.
  2. Dress code for the destination, wedding, and specialty restaurants at the resort.
  3. Packing tips.
  4. Tipping and local currency.
  5. Pre-travel to do’s.
  6. How to communicate during wedding week: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.


According to etiquette, couples generally should not include registry information on their invitations. Many couples opt to not mention gifts at all since guests are dedicating investment into time and travel costs to attend the wedding. If you do decide to inform guests about registry and gift wishes, follow some of these hints.

  1. Minimal wording on this topic is the most tasteful.
  2. Express appreciation creatively: “Your presence at our wedding is the best gift we could receive!”
  3. If you do decide to create a registry, include hyperlinks to appropriate websites for guests to easily access. Double check to ensure the links work once copied and pasted into the wedding website!

Must-Haves for Your Wedding Website

Wedding Concierge Tips and Tricks

Overall, be sure that your wedding website is fitting to you as a couple. Have fun with it, and inspire guests by giving hints or previews of what to expect for your wedding day with colors, designs, etc. Wedding websites are easy to manage and convenient to edit. Here are some additional thoughts to add where you see fit.

  1. Password protect the website. No wedding crashers allow!
  2. Do not include specific dates of your own travel, or details of your personal address.
  3. Use colors and designs that reflect the wedding theme.
  4. Link to helpful blogs from Weddings by Funjet, or Funjet Insider videos to assist in travel planning.
  5.  Encourage guests to RSVP by making their reservation by not including an RSVP tab. Your personal Weddings by Funjet Accommodations Specialist can provide you a weekly rooming list update by request.
  6. Provide contact information for your personal Weddings by Funjet Accommodations Specialist, who will be available to answers questions regarding reservations, the destination, and the resort.

Must-Haves for Your Wedding Website

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