Sergio Bustamente | Mexican Artist & Sculptor

Does the romance and uniqueness of Jalisco’s culture draw you to Puerto Vallarta for your destination wedding? If so, chances are you’ll find yourself enjoying the city’s Malecón, its world-famous seaside boardwalk. El Malecón is the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta’s local culture and also happens to be a major tourist hot spot. While all the traditional things such as bars, souvenir shops, restaurants, and street vendors line the Malecón, there is something special that adds an extra spice of life.

Along El Malecón, both locals and tourists are likely to discover multiple sculptures. These giant sculptures are the work of many artists, and one of the most popular happens to be the creation of Sergio Bustamante. Bustamante has lived most of his life in Guadalajara and initially went to University to study architecture. When his heart took him in a different direction, following his passion for fine arts and crafting, Sergio began his journey which would eventually lead him to be one of Mexico’s most well-known and respected artists.

Sergio Bustamante’s work can be found not only on El Malecón in Puerto Vallarta, but also in several other countries such as the United States, Russia, across Europe, and even Japan. In Puerto Vallarta specifically, perhaps some of the most iconic photos that end up on tourist’s social media are with his piece, In Search of Reason, or “En busca de la razón” paired with the breathtaking Pacific sunset in the background.

Both incredibly safe, and equally as fascinating, El Malecón is a great way to spend a few hours outside of your resort in Puerto Vallarta. Even though all of Sergio Bustamante’s work is free to the public on the boardwalk, we also encourage visitors to stop by his art gallery.


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