Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Traditions (By Year)

Anniversaries have a lot to live up to.  After all they’re commemorating the most meaningful and life-changing moment of a couple’s love story.  Every year couples struggle to find that perfect gift to recreate that gleeful feeling they had the day they said “I do.”  It’s a tall order, and many panic, settling on the first item they can find in a department store or going over-the-top expensive.  Past generations had it a little more together with anniversary gift traditions by year, and they had a point.  Following these pastimes can take a lot of the pressure off couples choosing gifts, while still leaving the door open for creative and personal expression.  Read on for the traditional gifts by year, as well as ideas for starting your own traditions with your better half.

First Year: Paper

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Homemade or Personalized Anniversary Card

There’s truth in the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.”   There may be no better example of this than homemade cards.  It’s the work and thought that you put into making it special for your spouse that expresses your admiration in ways no gas station card ever could.  Not very crafty?  Try a personalized card like this one from Etsy instead.

Plane Tickets

Granted plane tickets are mostly electronic nowadays, but you get the idea.  A trip for just the two of you is not only romantic, but is also an opportunity to travel back to your wedding venue or explore a place you had almost promised each other you would go.  This can also be your gift to each other to help with costs.

Second Year: Cotton

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Traditions

Your Spouse’s Favorite Band T-Shirt

No one knows your partner’s musical taste more than you.  Show them you care about what they love by getting them a hard-to-get-by tour shirt of their favorite band.

Tote Bag for a Beach Day

Take a tote bag (even one you already have) and fill it with all the goodies for a sunny beach day – towels, beach ball, picnic fare, anything you need to create a relaxing day on the sand. Image Source: Nantucket Nation.

Third Year: Leather

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Engraved Leather Bracelet

These bracelets have tons of fashions for both men and women and are customizable, so they’re a perfect couples’ gift.  Adding the coordinates of the place where you married is a really sweet touch, especially if you had a destination wedding.

Leather Passport Holder

Send the message to your loved one that you want to travel the world with them.  Leather passport holders protect your passport, let you travel in style, and can be personalized with monograms. Image Source: Personalization Mall.

Fourth Year: Fruit & Flowers

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Fruity Beer, Wine, or Mead

You don’t have to splurge on a fruit bouquet to fit with the fourth year tradition.  A pack or a bottle of your spouse’s favorite fruity beer, wine, or mead does the trick.  You can also see if any of your local pubs or vineyards offer fruity beer or wine tastings for a fun excursion for the two of you. Image Source: Pegs Cantina.

Flowers Symbolizing Love

While roses are timeless, some might argue they are a little overdone.  Luckily there is no shortage of options for flowers that stand for love and devotion.  The gillyflower is a beautiful choice for an anniversary flower, as it symbolizes a happy life and lasting beauty.

Fifth Year: Wood

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Couple’s Swing

By the time you reach your five year anniversary, you might have a house together that you are constantly renovating.  A DIY wood couple’s swing is an impeccable way to add a homey touch to your landscape, while giving you the chance to create something side-by-side.  Think about all the warm summer nights you can spend leisurely swinging and talking about each other’s days when it’s finished! Image Source: Shanty 2 Chic.

Sixth Year: Candy

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Visit a Candy Store

This is the year for you two to embrace your inner kids.  Peruse a local candy shop (or two) or even take a candy factory tour Willy Wonka-style!  Use this anniversary to remind each other of the lightheartedness that keeps your marriage sweet (pun intended).

Seventh Year: Wool

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Camping Blanket

The great outdoors is brimming with romance.  Take a camping adventure with your special someone and be prepared with a nice, warm wool blanket for stargazing. Image Source:

Eighth Year: Bronze

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Matching Key Chains

Have a little piece of your wife or hubby everywhere you go with matching key chains.  Customize them with personal sayings, your wedding date, or even movie quotes that you both cherish. Image Source: Pinterest.

Ninth Year: Pottery

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Take a Pottery Class Together

Learning something new together is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond you have cultivated for the past nine years.  Plus, who hasn’t dreamed of recreating the scene from “Ghost” at least once in their life? Image Source: Yahoo.

Tenth Year: Tin

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Tin of Tea

A toasty cup of tea on a wintry evening makes for a cozy time for the both of you to share.  Finding tins with exotic, high-quality teas make those evenings even more intimate.

Gourmet Popcorn Tin

Popcorn tins are awesome for munching on the couch, bingeing your favorite Netflix shows, or to chow down on game days with tins customized with your team’s logo.

Make Your Own Traditions

While gifts are exciting and the old ways are comfortable, sometimes the best anniversaries are spent following traditions you make with each other.  Freeze your wedding cake and eat a piece every year.  Watch your wedding video with just the both of you or together with family.  Replay the movie you saw on your first date for the 100th time.  Make a yearly pilgrimage to your wedding venue to relive enchantment of that pivotal day that started it all.  Whatever you do, make it meaningful to the two of you, continuing to make memories on your long and wonderful journey of love.

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