5 Steps to Change Your Last Name

You’ve survived the wedding planning, made it down the aisle, and maybe even had one too many Margaritas in celebration, but here you are, back at home (rocking  your awesome new tan) and wondering “What’s Next?”.  Many times, brides are under the assumption that just because they are now married and have a fancy new marriage license with their new last name on it, the name change process is in full swing. We wish it were only that easy. Like all things in life, there is a hard way and an easy way. The same goes for legally changing your name. Luckily, we have the steps broken down for you so that you can travel either path towards taking on a new name.

Let’s start with the ‘hard way’:

Step 1: The official marriage license. Of course, when it comes to a destination wedding, it will depend on whether you were married legally in destination or if you took care of things at home in the courthouse. Either way, you will need your official/original/certified license. You may be wondering how to check and make sure it’s the one you’re looking for? Look for the raised seal, and of course, your new last name. If you were married legally in destination, your marriage license could take several weeks to process and sent to you stateside. Remember, patience is a virtue!

Step 2: Change your Social Security Card. This step is relatively simple, head to the Social Security Administration’s website and fill out the application necessary for a name change on your new card. We want to relieve you by letting you know that your important social security number will stay the same and will not change. Can we get a hallelujah?! You should have your new card around two weeks after mailing in your application.

Step 3: Change your license. If you’re like most people, you dread and despise the massive DMV lines. We hate to break it to you, but a trip to your local Department of Motor Vehicles is necessary in this process, but don’t let it kill that newlywed buzz! You will need to update your license with your new last name and bring back up with you of “name change evidence,” like your marriage license or new social security card. Don’t forget to bring your old driver’s license, too.

Step 4: Change over your financial account information. This part can be a bit of a tedious process, but worth it in the long run and will be a piece of cake after managing the DMV. For this part, it’s easiest to go into the bank fully equipped with proof of your name change. If you have successfully completed steps 1-3, this should be a breeze. When you change over the name(s) on your accounts, don’t forget to request to update your checks, debit cards, and credit cards.

Step 5: “The in-betweens.” The in-betweens can really be anything from big to small from Netflix accounts, School or Alumni Associations to magazine subscriptions and (most importantly) your passport. This step may be a gradual one, so don’t feel like it all needs to be done overnight. Some changes may be a few simple clicks on the internet and other ones may require proof like your new social security card or marriage license. Prepare for this step in advance by keeping a running list during your engagement of things that come in the mail, e-mail, or even important literature during tax season. Having the list created by the time you’re officially a Mrs. will help expedite this step.

Looking to save yourself some time and sanity when it comes to changing your name? We highly suggest taking the easy way…

Get ready to have your mind blown and check out the amazing Hitchswitch. This company was created by two { brilliant } attorneys and is certainly a game changer. They have simplified the process to eliminate the stress, the stamps, and the waiting in long lines to give you a quick name change experience. As much as we truly love their ability to make this part of being a newlywed easy, we really love their commitment to giving back to the community. Proceeds from every account are donated for research towards breast and ovarian cancer – taking this service to a whole new level of awesome.

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