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The Ultimate Floral Guide for Mexico’s East Coast

We sat down with the owner of Alquimia Events, Perla Cervantes, to find out all the best tips and things to avoid when choosing florals for your destination wedding. What did we find? That we love Alquimia Events, a local vendor on Mexico’s East coast, and their talented team of florists and wedding designers, and of course all of the deets on the best flowers to choose in correlation with your chosen wedding date. Save yourself the stress, and skim through this guide on the flowers that will hold up the best in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Playa Mujeres, and Tulum. Work with nature and consider your destination’s climate, and we promise choosing your flowers will be one of the best parts of planning for your upcoming nuptials!

Spring Weddings { March 20th to June 21st }

Summer Weddings { June 22nd to September 21st }

Fall Weddings { September 22nd to December 20th }

Winter Weddings { December 21st to March 19th }

From Perla, Senior Designer & Co-Founder of Alquimia Events…

Which flowers hold up the best in the heat and humidity of Mexico? Orchids, carnations, gladiolas, gerberas, and alstromerias.

Are there flowers that you would highly recommend that are the most affordable for brides? Alcatraz (Mexican calla lilies), gerberas, alstromerias, stock, delphiniums, gladiolas, and carnations.

Are imported flowers hard to order on the East coast of Mexico? Imported flowers are very expensive in this area, we can order them but sometimes they are out of the couple’s set budget.

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Thank you to Alquimia Events for a strong partnership we cherish.

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