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What does a traveling destination wedding planner do? Wedding Concierge Ashley worked closely with one of our recent couples and delivered white glove wedding services to fit their personal preferences and needs. Read on to discover how Ashley guided the couple throughout their entire journey to wedded bliss, right from Wedding Concierge Ashley herself. 

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Whether your wedding is local or in a tropical destination, every bride and groom considers just exactly how things will come together on the big day. If you happen to be like most couples, you are feeling a whirlwind of emotion for your upcoming wedding. The Come Away with Me Package is tailored to Weddings by Funjet couples to give them the ultimate destination wedding experience. Instead of worrying about last minute details that may crop up, your concierge manages anything and everything that would otherwise prevent you from being the gracious hosts you are. We know that destination weddings come in all different styles and sizes, and nothing will give you the sense of relief more than having your trusted wedding concierge in destination with you.

Already excited about the possibilities ahead? Keep reading to learn more about my recent journey with a fabulous couple, Megan and Mark, who indulged in all that the Come Away with Me Package has to offer.

The Beginning

Megan and Mark began the planning of their destination wedding a little over 12 months in advance. A fun and laid back couple from Washington D.C., they anticipated hosting wedding guests in Cancun from all over the country. Busy with normal, everyday life and looking for assistance for coordinating their wedding group’s travel, they reached out to Weddings by Funjet.

When the time came that we had a rough idea for the series of events for the wedding weekend, it was time to talk the B-word. Yes, that’s right, we approached the budget head on. Like most couples I have worked with, the budget is an extremely important part of the wedding vision. I admire couples who take this part of the planning process seriously, because getting married truly is an investment. When you’re about to marry the love of your life, you want everything to be picture perfect but not break the bank, right? Taking on a budget is generally one of the greatest challenges couples face. If you agree, don’t sweat it, that’s what wedding concierges are here for! In Megan and Mark’s case, they knew what they wanted, they had a great frame of reference of must haves vs. not so important. As we dug deeper to piece together all of the beautiful wedding details, Megan began to wonder how she would feel reassured that the vision she had would come to life in a foreign country. The answer to that was easy, a traveling concierge! The Come Away with Me Package solved all worries and answered all questions.

The Big Questions

The Come Away with Me Package was developed with the comfort and confidence of our couples when they arrive in Mexico or the Caribbean for the ultimate destination wedding experience in mind.

What does the Come Away with Me Package include?

The Come Away with Me Package includes full wedding planning services with unlimited appointments and communication up to the wedding day, and long after. Your wedding concierge will ensure that every single detail is perfectly coordinated and explained to the resort and vendors, but will physically be there to execute each event. The standard Come Away with Me Package includes three full days of event management for the events like a welcome cocktail, rehearsal dinner, group dinner reservations, meetings with vendors and the onsite venue coordinator, and the big day itself. We take care of everything behind the scenes so you can work on that fabulous tan and enjoy cocktails on the beach with your love.

I’m sold. How much does it cost?

The Come Away with Me Package is set at an affordable and reasonable value. The starting price is $1,500 for 3 days in destination, plus unlimited event planning leading up to the big day. Travel and accommodations costs are based on the requested travel dates, airfare, transportation, and hotel room rates. Generally, the cost is offset by our ability to manage the budget and negotiate prices and amenities. All of these add up to make the value of the Come Away with Me Package the biggest bargain of your wedding.

What are the benefits of having my wedding concierge in destination with me?

The benefits are truly endless. We are your bridal attendant, and the ultimate “jack of all trades” and are there for anything that’s needed for you to have the best destination wedding experience possible. Need someone to greet your guests upon arrival so you can lounge by the pool? No problem. Scope out the venues to ensure everything is in line with logistics and set up? Absolutely. Assemble welcome bags in destination to make packing easier? Of course! Take the lead on organizing vendor meetings to be your advocate and make sure your dream wedding goes off without a hitch? Yes ma’am. Be your eyes and ears to ensure your guests are happy and relaxed? Always. There are dozens of other ways we help, contact us to get the inside scoop.

Days Leading Up to the Wedding

Once it was official that Megan and Mark were going to to have me by their side through the entire wedding experience, I could see the biggest sense of relief. Working together formed an amazing partnership and friendship between us that resulted in a great amount of trust. As we got closer to the month of the wedding, I created checklists and charts with all of the nitty-gritty details for organized, and stress-free planning. We stayed on track with confirming wedding details, so much so that everything was confirmed and set a month beforehand, giving the couple a chance to count down the days until paradise and look forward to all of the hard work they put in.

The Big Weekend

The actual experience of traveling for Megan and Mark’s wedding was fabulous. The three days I was able to assist with Megan and Mark’s group of 60 guests was not only memorable and fun, but also rewarding to be able to see how much love truly surrounds couple’s who choose to have a destination wedding. With so much to share, here are a few highlights of some of my personal favorite moments.


Thanks to affordable and nonstop flight options out of Chicago through Funjet Vacations, my journey to Cancun was seamless. Arriving in paradise is special, it’s almost as if you can feel the sun and smell the sea from inside the airport! Upon arrival to the hotel, I greeted my wedding friends at Finest Playa Mujeres, and they helped me deliver a wedding gift to Megan and Mark’s room before they arrived. Eager to get things in full swing, I conducted my own mini inspection of the resort to double-check wedding venues and to prepare myself for potential questions that may arise from the wedding guests.

D A Y  1

The first day was a thrilling experience for me, as the wedding planner, and the couple! We kicked off the day by having breakfast together at Duke’s. It was great to finally meet in person although it felt like we had known each other for years. Megan and Mark shared many stories about their friends and family, so much so that I felt I knew them personally. Everyone was surprised and happy to receive adorable welcome bags at check in.

We had our wedding walk-through meeting in the afternoon with the hotel’s venue coordinator, Barbara, and Alquimia Event’s wedding designer, Katie. We walked through plan B options in case of rain, and what we would do if the unspeakable happened. Later in the evening, the couple hosted a rehearsal dinner followed by casual cocktails for all of the guests who had arrived that day to enjoy and get to know each other. Megan and Mark welcomed me to stop by and get to know everyone, they were welcoming and gracious hosts.

D A Y  2

My favorite part of day two was the welcome party, hands down. The welcome party was hosted on the Sky Bar overlooking the ocean with the most beautiful panoramic views of the beach and resort. A few hours before set up, I went to check on the venue to ensure that everything was in place and appropriately cleaned. I setup the decor and made sure every detail was just as the couple imagined. Guest started arriving around 6:00pm and they were greeted with passed hors d’oeuvres paired with a signature cocktail, a Mango Margarita specifically named after the couple. A gorgeous sunset, and good times made the evening unforgettable.

T H E   W E D D I N G   D A Y

With many things to say about the wedding day, the most memorable parts have to be mentioned. As a wedding planner and friend, seeing the special type of excitement and energy felt on the wedding day between the couple is electric. I loved having the honor of exchanging messages and gifts between the bride and groom hours before the ceremony. Checking on all of the vendors and running in all directions is always a thrill, but the peaceful moments of seeing Megan in her wedding dress to walk her to the ceremony, or seeing Mark relaxing with his family was truly the best.

The cocktail hour and reception was held at a wedding venue called the Grand Palapa. The hard work of the resort staff at Finest Playa Mujeres, the onsite wedding team, and Alquimia Event’s extremely talented wedding design team came together for a gorgeous set up, a beautiful sight to see after months of hard work and detailed planning. The night carried on with lots of laughter, perfect weather, a delicious dinner, and killer dance moves.

I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to have been able to work with Megan and Mark throughout the entire wedding process, and am now happy to call them my personal friends. I look forward to having the same experience with future couples, thanks to the Come Away with Me package!

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Are you anxious about your wedding vision coming to life? From the time you land to the time you leave, your concierge will take care of every last detail. After all this is not only a destination wedding, it’s a vacation!

Let Weddings by Funjet bring your vision to life.


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This post was written by Ashley Grossmann

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    Looking to get info on a destination wedding possibly in October this year

    • Weddings by Funjet says:

      Hi, Tristyn! Thank you for reaching out. We would be happy to assist you! I will have a member from our team reach out to you to gather more information on what you are looking for as soon as possible. Have a wonderful day!

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