Beauty Tips for Your Destination Wedding Week

There is nothing a bride wants more than to look her absolute best on the day of the wedding. Our Weddings by Funjet concierges compiled the biggest dos and don’ts in order to look your best on your wedding day. When it comes to a destination wedding, you will have a few extra considerations to make in order to be a true island goddess. Don’t worry- we have your back ladies!


We all know that good things take time, and the same goes for beauty rituals. Not everything can be done at once, and let’s face it, you probably don’t have time to do everything the week of your wedding. The month of your wedding is just as important as the week of, here are our suggestions to be your best self from Miss to Mrs.!

Visit Your Hair Salon

Do: Indulge in a hair conditioning treatment.

Do: Stick with your normal coloring picks.

Do: Make sure your face shaping will work well for your wedding day hairstyle.

Bridal Beauty Tips Destination Wedding Week

Don’t: Visit a new stylist. Do you really trust a stranger with your precious locks right before the wedding?

Don’t: Try any new drastic cuts. You do want your soon-to-be-spouse to recognize you, don’t you?

Don’t: Make dramatic color changes. Save the experiments for after you walk down the aisle, this is no time for risks!

Prep Your Pearly Whites

Do: Use a trusted over-the-counter whitening treatment plan.

Do: Visit your dentist for a professional whitening and a standard cleaning.

Do: Remember to floss for healthy gums and a healthy smile.

Bridal Beauty Tips Destination Wedding Week

Don’t: Try new experimental home remedies for teeth whitening.

Get Moving

Do: Practice meditation or yoga for stress relief.

Do: Exercise frequently to stay in shape, relieve stress, and feel confident.

Bridal Beauty Tips Destination Wedding Week

Don’t: Try a brand new workout plan too close to your wedding. You don’t want soreness to get in the way of tearing up the dance floor!


We all know patience is a virtue, and some things are worth waiting for. Make sure to leave enough time in your wedding week schedule to take care of the following beauty tasks to look and feel your best in destination.

Drink Up

Do: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your body fresh.

Do: Drink lots of electrolytes and natural flavored beverages to avoid sugars.

Bridal Beauty Tips Destination Wedding Week

Don’t: Drink excessive alcohol, it will dehydrate you and can also lead to unclear skin.

Don’t: Drink beverages super high in sugar or caffeine.

Visit Your Esthetician

Do: Pamper yourself with a facial.

Do: Indulge in your regular waxing rituals.

Bridal Beauty Tips Destination Wedding Week

Don’t: Try waxing in an area you have not attempted before.

Don’t: Make your appointment to close to the wedding day.

Everyday Habits

Do: Remember to get plenty of sleep!

Do: Take a trip to the nail salon for a mani/pedi and alone time.

Do: Remember to use moisturizer and SPF on your skin so it glows.

Do: Refill any prescriptions that you may need while in destination.

Bridal Beauty Tips Destination Wedding Week

Don’t: Snack or eat foods with higher sodium content.

Don’t: Participate in any risky activities that could result in a last minute injury.

Don’t: Start any new home projects that could add extra stress.

Don’t: Break in a new pair of shoes.

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