Bridal Shower Checklist

The Ultimate Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

Plan a bridal shower from beginning to end with this simple checklist.

Select a Date. Chat with the bride to determine the date.  The weeks leading up to the wedding may be a bit stressful for the couple; consider throwing her shower a month or two prior.  However, if there are important guests who would need to travel, the bride may want to have the shower take place closer to the big day.

Ultimate Bridal Shower Checklist Bridesmaids

Create a Guest list. Ask the bride for a list of guests she would like to attend.  While you don’t want the bride to be making too many decisions, ask if she would prefer to have all ladies in attendance or perhaps a co-ed shower. Confirm if children are okay to attend or if she’d prefer an adult-only gathering.

Budget. Set a budget you’re comfortable with and stick to it.  Determine necessary décor, food and beverage, favors, shower gift and potential rental fee for venue space. Of course you want to pull out all the stops for the special bride-to-be but keep it within your means. She will appreciate your hard work more than anything!

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Determine the Location. Does the bride have a specific location in mind?  Maybe she’s open to the venue but wants it thrown in a particular city.  Does she want it to be private or is she comfortable with a public affair?   Consider a place that will be convenient for guests while also providing the bride with an atmosphere that will make her feel the most comfortable. Find a space that appropriately fits the amount of guests you anticipate attending. Ask if there is nearby parking or if parking will be complimentary for guests.

Pick a Theme.  Feeling creative?  Coming up with a theme for the bridal shower can add to the fun. Does the couple have a honeymoon to Italy planned?  Give her a preview; serve bruschetta and caprese and keep the red wine flowing!  Want to include everyone in the theme?  Encourage guests to throw on their favorite floppy hat and cocktail dress for a southern derby-style party.  Want to keep things simple?  Throw hints of the wedding colors or the bride’s favorite color into the décor.

Traveling from Miss to Mrs

Invite Guests.  Whether you’re connecting with guests via email or through a traditional invite, plan on sending a month prior.  If you have guests that will be traveling from out of town, consider reaching out to them before the invites are sent to ensure extra time to plan their travel.  Be sure to include where the couple is registered on the invites.

Select a Menu.  Consider the logistics to decide on the type of food and beverage you should serve.  If the shower takes place during a meal-time, you will want to serve heavier apps or even provide a full meal.  Plan on your menu reflecting the theme you’ve decided on.  If you’re renting a venue that doesn’t serve food, get a list of approved vendors.  If you’re serving alcohol, make sure to provide a non-alcoholic punch as well that can be enjoyed by all.

Ask for Help.  Create a to-do list and enlist the help of other bridesmaids who are willing to give you a hand.  They will be happy to play a role in the planning.  It will also take some of the pressure off of you! When delegating, consider tasks on your pre-event to-do list as well as things that need to be taken care of the day of the shower.  Things you may want to delegate could be; create a playlist, send out invites, visit a florist, make a dish to pass or put together a list of games.

Ultimate Bridal Shower Checklist

Concierge Tips by Katie

  • Lay out ‘Thank You’ card envelopes on behalf of the bride for guests to address to themselves. This will be one less thing the bride has to worry about.
  • Make sure the guest of honor has a notebook to write down gifts that are received. Better yet, open up the guest list on a laptop and make notes of the gifts received next to each guests’ name.
  • Encourage the groom to come, even if just towards the end. After all, he benefits from this shower too!  Having an extra vehicle and set of hands will make transporting gifts easier.
  • If your bride is a snapchat user, create a geo-filter! They are easy to create and affordable.  Having a customized filter will encourage guests to take photos.  Plus, they’re adorable!

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Bridal shower photography captured by the talented Kayla from Emerald Tide Photography

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