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Quiz: Which Romantic Couple In History Are You?

Every couple shares their own special bond that is cultivated by unconditional love and respect. One of our obsessions as a team is buzzing about couples throughout history that we look up to, not only for their dreamy weddings, but for their love for each other that is total #relationshipgoals. Whether you are the couple that all your friends and family think of as the nurturing, rock solid couple or the free-spirited, hippie couple, we bet we can guess!

How do you decide where you and your partner should go out to eat?

A.  You ask your partner to surprise you. You like to keep things exciting!

B.  Play rock, paper, scissors to make it fair.

C.  You take the lead to make it easy on your partner.

D.  We always go to the same spots we both love.

E.  We are adventurous and enjoy exploring new restaurants as a couple, we decide together!

You just got a bonus at work, and it’s time for a vacation. The options are endless, you decide on…

A.  A romantic getaway.

B.  An eco-friendly vacation in Costa Rica.

C.  US East Coast road trip.

D.  The Swiss Alps.

E.  A safari in Kenya. 

The weekend is finally here! How do you spend your time together?

A.  We wake up early for coffee and a morning run or yoga session.

B.  We switch off who makes breakfast in bed on Saturday mornings, followed by snuggles with pets or little ones.

C.  We pack our bags and head to the closest weekend getaway outdoors!

D.  We work hard on the weekdays, and play hard on the weekends with family and friends.

E.  We relax around the house, and have a wild night out on the town in the evening.

When you and your partner got engaged, people most likely reacted with…

A.  We called it from the start, you have always been crazy in love!

B.  You two are made for each other, we can’t imagine you with anyone else!

C.  Finally!

D.  Opposites attract, and you two complement each other perfectly.

E.  Wow, what a surprise! Who knew you would find someone as free-spirited as yourself?

When the two of you come home from a long day of work, the first thing you are likely to talk about is…

A.  How much you missed each other.

B.  An upcoming community or volunteer event.

C.  Work, work, work, work, work, work.

D.  Your children or fur babies.

E.  Future goals of buying a house, going on vacation, or starting a family.

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Mostly A’s: The Crazy In Love Couple – Chrissy Teagan + John Legend

For all the skeptics of the world, you prove true love still exists. Your love is so on fire you often make other couples around you question the strength of their own relationship. You understand the importance of powerful debates, and see it as an opportunity to grow closer and stronger as a couple. Plus, differences in opinion always end up the best by making up. Image Source: E! News


Mostly B’s: The Rock Solid Couple – Tom Hanks + Rita Wilson

The role model of all couples, you are the epitome of a strong relationship. You cherish the relationship and life you have built around honesty and open communication, and everyone loves to love you as a couple. You both share how you knew from the get-go that you are meant for each other, and your love story has unfolded like a fairy tale. Whether you are soon-to-be married or have been married for 20+ years, you are an inspiration to those around you and give romantics hope. Image Source: Celebuzz


Mostly C’s: The Power Couple – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. + Coretta Scott King

When we think of power couples, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King are the first couple to come to mind. It’s important to both of you to stay active and constantly present in the community, work place, relationships and each other. You push for change and challenge the status quo, together. Family and friends envy you, but also wonder how you do it all. Image Source: Essence


Mostly D’s: The Unlikely Pair – Kate Middleton + Prince Williams

Yin and yang, you are who we are talking about when we say “opposites attract.” You may have never known that you wanted all of the qualities and attributes of your partner until you first met, which was most likely instant magnetic love magic. You share the same values, interests, and morals, but your approaches to life are quite different. You balance and complement each other, quite like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Image Source: Pop Sugar


Mostly E’s: The Artistic Couple – Frida Kahlo + Diego Rivera

To the Fridas and Diegos, you are the embodiment of the type of passion and love that sets the world on fire. You inspire and feed off of each other unlike any of the other couples. Your bold and fierce personalities are legendary, and a breath of fresh air for those close to you. Your objective in life is to spread your art, talents and purpose with the world, alongside someone that is as legendary as you. Image Source: The Guardian

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