Wedding Trends Throughout History 1990's

Wedding Trends Throughout History #TBT

We’re taking a stroll down memory lane with wedding photography from our family, friends, and colleagues to check out popular wedding trends of the times.  Today we are very much about having a celebration that reflects who we are and not necessarily sticking to traditional guidelines.  What was trendy when your parents were married?  Let’s take a peak!


Beatlemania, mood rings and bellbottoms; what a decade to be alive!  We wondered… what were they wearing to the altar?

Oleg Cassini was a designer who had a big influence in American fashion during the 60’s.  His timeless designs captured the attention of many celebrities, most notably, Former First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy.  A-line gowns with three-quarter length sleeves were the most popular style for a conservative bride.  Flowy veils matched with a tiara or other hair accessory completed their look.  Ladies looking to break the mold preferred a shorter gown and shorter sleeves — reflective of this mini-skirt wearing era. They completed their look with a pillbox hat and bird-cage veil, embracing their inner ‘Jackie O’!

Shifting focus from our timeless brides, grooms sported; traditional ties, pocket squares and full suits.  Like today, most grooms dressed to the formality of their wedding.  This was a truly classic time in wedding trends!

Wedding Trends Throughout History 1960's

Courtesy of Beverly and George Meyer

Wedding Trends Throughout History 1960's

Courtesy of Ellen Grossmann


Groovy, baby!  Earth tones, lava lamps and disco were major signs of the 70’s. Plus, anything you could adorn with peace signs or tie dye was far out!  How did this reflect in popular wedding trends?

This decade inspired grooms to think outside the box.  When it came to their attire, think ‘Dumb and Dumber’.  Ruffled ‘disco’ tuxedo shirts, crisp bow ties and piped trim—oh my!  Alhough white was a more popular suit color than Jim Carey’s orange, black, it was not necessarily the go-to.  This was one of the first times we saw a major shift in grooms wear.

In recent times we can look to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton who rocked a very 70’s inspired look.  Who could forget her full ball gown skirt, V-neck lace overlaid top and delicate lace long sleeves? She captured a fresh yet classic look that couldn’t help but make us reminisce to the days of disco.  Dissimilar, capped sleeves continued to gain popularity and gowns became a bit simpler. Full veils remained most popular.

Wedding Trends Throughout History 1970's

Courtesy of Deb and Art Schmid

70's Dumb and Dumber

Image Source: Everett Collection


The decade before social media that introduced us to MTV, cassette tapes and Michael Jackson.  During the ‘80’s there was a major shift in trends— certainly influenced by new pop culture.

Brides married in the 80’s were captured by Princess Diana’s fairytale look. When she married Prince Charles in 1981, Princess Diana had inspired brides to think bigger.

In wedding gowns we saw; sleeves, skirts and trains get more dramatic.  The puffier the sleeve, the better!  Veils needed their own escort down the aisle as cathedral length became popular. Cascading bouquets created an even grander entrance for the bride.

Piped trim and bow-ties were still very much in style for the grooms.  We continued to see a variety of non-traditional tux colors. Of course, ruffled shirts continued throughout the decade!

If you went to a wedding in the 80’s, you could expect an over-the-top event.  Guests were wowed by cakes with many tiers, extravagant décor and live entertainment.

Wedding Trends Throughout History 1980's

Courtesy of Deborah and James Sweeney


Trends today make the 90’s seem like a not-so-distant memory.  Chokers, high wasted jeans and converse sneakers have managed their way back into our hearts and our closets.  The wedding industry went wild over wedding related blockbusters released during this time, like My Best Friend’s Wedding in 1997. Plus who could forget the first episode of ‘Friends’ when Rachel Green wore an off-the-shoulder Versace gown paired with a bizarre headpiece.  Trends went in all different directions in the 90’s, all varying from the decade prior.

Brides had a less is more approach. While some of the over-the-top looks certainly carried over through the early 90’s, later in the decade brides wanted a minimalist look. Many opted for a shapely silk dress with little to no embellishments. Accessories like veils lost their volume and headbands became a popular alternative.  Not coincidentally, venues followed this simplistic style as destination weddings and elopements became more common.

Trends for men became more traditional.  We saw a shift from colored suits and highly embellished shirts to fitted black and charcoal tuxes.  Bow ties were not a trend we saw leave during this time.  Many grooms’ trends from the 90’s remain popular today.

Wedding Trends Throughout History

Courtesy of Cindy and Harry Barry

Wedding Trends Throughout History

Courtesy of Deb and Bob Orlin

Banner Image Source: Previously TV

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