Family Traditions to Incorporate Into Your Destination Wedding

When a bride and groom proclaim “I do” to one another surrounded by their loved ones, they are uniting two diverse families into one.  All the unique backgrounds and cultures come together in one big celebratory bash, and there are so many ways to incorporate your families’ traditions into your wedding day with modern spins.  Thankfully modernizing old family traditions for your destination wedding is not only super easy, but also a ton of fun, and most resorts can help you get creative.  So with that in mind, here are some ideas on how to celebrate your families’ customs on your big day.

1. Eat, drink, and be merry!

Food is the soul of culture.  There are probably recipes in your family that have been passed down for generations that can be incorporated into your meal, and most caterers will love to put a spin on your family’s signature dish.  Try miniaturizing an entree into an hor d’oeuvre to give your guests a small “taste” of your culture, like turning traditional bratwurst into gourmet brat sliders.

“Eat, drink, and be merry” wouldn’t be complete without the drinking, of course!  Every culture has a long history of creating spirits.  Find ways to add them into your reception, like toasting with wine imported from your family’s country of origin or designing your signature cocktail to include liquor famous from in your heritage, like tequila, vodka, or sake.

Sophisticated Soiree Memorable Moments

Sophisticated Soiree Memorable Moments Wedding Collection at Generations Riviera Maya

2. Select decor that tells your story.

Cultures are brimming with unique color and beauty.  No matter what your family’s background is, you can express it through your wedding decor in ways that will truly enhance your reception.  Even small elements of your heritage in your decor can leave a big impression.  Think of adding elements of Dia de los Muertos if you have a Mexican background or Carnival if your family is Brazilian.

3. Customize the ceremony venue.

The ceremony is probably where family tradition is most adhered to, but you can bring those old customs into the modern age to make the ceremony feel more like you.  If your parents request you be married in a church, but you’re not entirely keen on the idea, find a nearby contemporary chapel instead, or make your outside venue a little more church-like.  For example, your family is Jewish, build or design your own Chuppah in the style that speaks to you.  Being respectful to your faith and having a ceremony that reflects your tastes are not two things that are mutually exclusive.


South Asian Wedding at Sandos Hotels & Resorts

4. Share your best dance moves.

Finish off that first dance waltz with a bit of a daring number that reflects your family’s heritage.  End with a salsa, tango, river-dance, or otherwise and leave a lasting memory for your family and your guests. Brides, honor your father and his lineage by incorporating a mix of traditional cultural music in your father-daughter dance. If you don’t want it to be the full song, throw in a remix at the end. We know he will love it.

5. Unleash cultural beauty.

Add pieces to your wedding day wardrobe and beauty routine that flaunt the prettiest part of your culture.  Mehndi, saris, and flower crowns are just a few examples of traditional wedding elements that can be incorporated seamlessly into your modern-day wedding. Cultural beauty meets wedding trends with gorgeous hairpieces that give a bohemian, exotic vibe like the one below.


Indian Wedding Hairstyle via Pretty Designs

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