What to Include in Your Destination Wedding Welcome Bag

There’s nothing more important than having your closest friends and family attend your destination wedding.  To thank your guests and get them excited for the big day; we came up with some items you will want to include in the welcome bags!

W E L C O M E   L E T T E R

We hear couples all the time, worried about the expense of travel and commitment for guests attending their destination wedding.  Take the opportunity to write a heartfelt welcome letter that also thanks them for their travels, support and love.  After traveling, your gratitude will go far in making your guests feel appreciated and important for being there. Your destination wedding may be the first time some of your guests have been to the destination.  Welcome them to paradise by providing some fun facts about the country.  If the country’s native language is different than your own, include a few words you think will be helpful to know! Concierge tip: Write your note on a postcard from your destination as a keepsake for guests.


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W E D D I N G   W E E K   I T I N E R A R Y

Your guests have just arrived to the resort. They want to know where to find you, what activities to look forward to and the 411 on your wedding. Put together a schedule of the week outlining wedding events as well as any other planned activities (i.e. excursions, rehearsal dinner, and welcome reception).  Include a map of the resort so guests can easily find where venues and restaurants are located. If you and your love plan on spending a day on the beach let your guests know they can find you under an umbrella in the sand!  If you plan on communicating with your guests via mobile app—share your username or number.


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T H E   E S S E N T I A L S

There’s nothing worse than unpacking for a week of fruity cocktails and realizing you forgot aspirin. Save your guests from a trip to the gift shop! Include things you think might come in handy like an antacid, aspirin, water bottle, granola bar and sunscreen. If there are kiddos traveling, consider adding a coloring book or a shovel and pail to keep them entertained. By providing these basics, your guests will feel more comfortable and at home.


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F U N   N E C E S S I T I E S 

What is your destination like?  If you’re going somewhere tropical, consider things your guests can use while on the trip. Sunglasses, hats, lotion and lip balm will be welcomed gifts for a day spent in the sun. If you want your guests to stand out from the rest, consider customizing these gifts. Choose neon-colored sunglasses and put your wedding hashtag on the side. These favors double to make great photo ops!


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D E S T I N A T I O N   C U L T U R E

Why did you choose your destination?  Was it because of a memorable vacation, is it the spot you fell in love or more simply… do you just love tequila!?  Whatever the reason, share your passion for the destination with your guests by offering a local gift.  What is your destination known for? If you’re in Jamaica; consider a gift of Blue Mountain coffee. Your guests will be able to enjoy your gift even after the vacation is over.  The flavor of the coffee will be a catalyst for all the memorable moments your guests shared with you and provide great conversation for months to come.


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T H E   B A G

Last but not least, what should you put these goodies in?  Providing guests with a sturdy but lightweight bag that will be easy to take as carry-on or pack in their luggage is ideal, not only for your guests but for your travels too. Let your welcome bag double as a beach tote, one item so many forget to bring. Customize your welcome bags by including an outline or name of the destination with your wedding date. Guests will love having something they can use after the wedding.


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