How to Live in Gratitude Throughout Wedding Planning

You’re engaged to the love of your life and have begun planning what some might say is the best day of your life. Why would planning be anything but rainbows and butterflies?  While we’d love to tell you it won’t be stressful, we can tell you a way to fully embrace this exciting time.  Our recommendation; live in gratitude throughout the planning process. By living in gratitude, you will find yourself calmer and less stressed about your big day.  What is living in gratitude and how can you achieve it?

Be Present.  One challenge many have in our fast-paced, digital world is learning how to live in the moment. We’re constantly connected to our phones, social media and multitasking to make up for our overbooked schedules. It’s no wonder why we’re always thinking ahead instead of staying present. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on what’s going on in the moment.  What sounds do you hear?  What scents do you smell?  If you’re speaking with someone, are you truly listening or thinking about your next appointment? If you are only focused on the task at hand, you will feel more at ease and appreciate each moment.

Start a Journal. Spend a couple minutes each day by jotting down a positive quote, uplifting lyric, an affirmation, a prayer or something that brought joy to your day.  By writing these down, you will realize that despite any negativity in your day, there’s always something to be thankful for. Do you have; a roof over your head, heat to keep you warm, clean water to drink? These are things that are easy to take for granted but would be hard to live without. When you need a pick me up, you can browse through your journal and read previous entries.


Say Thank You. This seems like an easy one, but how appreciative are you to those in your life?  Does your significant other make sure dinner is on the table when you get home from work?  Do you have a bridesmaid or relative who’s been helping you with tedious planning details? Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Bake cookies and give as a gift the next time you see them. Send a ‘just because’ card to let them know you’re thinking about them. Reminding those closest to you that you appreciate them will not only make them feel good, but will also make you feel good.

Meditate. Before you count this out, how does improved concentration, increased blood flow and reduced stress sound? These are all benefits believed to amount from practicing mindfulness in meditation. Meditation can be whatever you make of it.  Whether you want to follow a guided meditation, chakra meditation or take 10 minutes away from your desk to relax and sit quietly, you will reap the benefits. It is just as important that you appreciate yourself and your health while trying to live in gratitude. It’s easy to get stressed when you are being pulled in many different directions.  It’s likely that you will find yourself ill when you are stressed. When you have a rested and healthy mind, your body will follow suit.


Share Gratitude. Some days can be tough—but I bet on even the worst of days you can still find something you’re grateful for. Spend time every day reflecting on the good in your life.  Make an effort to share these reflections with your family. Sit down for dinner and have everyone share a few things from the day that made them smile and that they are thankful for. When you take time to appreciate the ‘small things’, you’ll have less time to notice the negative.



Katie’s expertise in destination weddings and vow renewals has resulted in over 60 happy couples. Combining her passion for travel with her love of life’s celebrations, Katie’s work with Weddings by Funjet was a natural fit. Katie believes that the most memorable experiences are the result of travel and has finesse in infusing local culture into her couples’ big days.

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