Best Ballroom Dances for a Wedding

Best Ballroom Dances to Learn for a Wedding

We all know the Cupid Shuffle and Electric Slide.  There’s no doubt they’re good standbys for weddings.  However  having more moves in your dancing arsenal is a dramatic confident boost for when you’re being called to that wedding dance floor (no alcohol required).  Whether you’re a bride, groom, parent or wedding guest, you might be surprised how easy it is to learn even the most complicated-looking dances you’ve seen on Dancing with the Stars.  From slow to upbeat, these are the five ballroom dance styles we recommend learning before the nuptials – even if it’s just the basics of them!


The foxtrot is one of your standby slow dances, but we use “slow” loosely here.  Think “Moon Dance” by Michael Bublè as a good companion to it.  It’s mellow, but yet still upbeat.  This one is fun because you really travel the floor, and it pairs well with your first dance, father/daughter dance, or any of the showcase dances at a wedding.  That also means it’s not your first choice for when the dance floor is full, or be ready to run into everyone and their brother.

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The push-pull is the first of our fast dances.  It’s great to have this one under your belt for weddings as it goes with virtually any pop song.  There’s a multitude of cool turns to learn, such as “the cuddle,” and it looks fabulous even with just the basic steps.  Plus it is so easy to learn!  No matter what move you do, you always follow the same “rock step, march, march.” So once you have the basics down, you’ll be clambering to learn more.

YouTube – Patricia’s Dance Lessons


Now here’s a classic.  Think back to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and you can imagine the waltz.  It’s romantic, graceful, and regal, not to mention easily the best style for a first dance.  When alone on the floor, the waltz is all about gliding with broad sweeping movements.  Then when the dance floor is full, you can stay within your box and still look completely elegant.  The waltz is an absolute must for a wedding.

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The rumba is another dance that can be used for fast or slow songs as long as there are four beats.  In some ways opposite to the waltz, the rumba is more intimate with quick, small steps – and lots of hip action!  It’s a beautiful first dance style, especially when mixed with the waltz, but you will use it most in the all-group dances.  Remember, the rumba has a flair for the dramatic, so don’t forget those hand twirls!

YouTube – Egils Smagris


Last but not least we have the liveliest of our ballrooms dances, the effervescent salsa.  The salsa will comprise all of your high-energy wedding dance songs.  Your movements are rapid and small, so you can easily work off that second piece of cake!  It’s the most spirited of your dances, and also the one easy enough to teach to anyone who wants to join you.  It’s definitely the dance most likely to get the party started!

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